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Fan-Art Received
From my reader, Miyu. Who works WAY to hard on her web comic Marsonas Story (I love the fairy graphic in the banner. So pretty! It's what made me read it!) Thank you!
These beutiful pictures are curtosy of Rick of DataChasers(+18), I think he did a magnificent job of catching Yitsana's bubbly personality, and Lits cool indifference. It's amazing to see my characters in as "life like" as this. Thank you Rick!
This piece is curtosy of Thoth the Grey
This adorable picture, is curtosy of Kagome Rivera. I love Inuyasha to, Rumiko Takahashi is a genious, everyone should check out her mermaid sage (my favourite out of all her stories)
These two works hail from my fan Elizabeth. Thank you Liz!
Part of a CG 06 Secret Santa Event. From the creator of Tile. This picture is also in the 06 Winter Holiday Break week.
Part of the CG 07 Secret Santa Event. From the creator of The Mighty Tubularman
From the creator of May I Help You?, this adorable Chibi of Yitsana comes from the brilliant mind of the one and only L. Hall.
Fan-Art Sent
Red String really needs no introduction. If you read DitLoaC, chances are you read this comic as well. This piece was done for a contest, in which the theme was fairy tales (what better tale for RED String then Little RED Riding Hood, eh?) Hopefully I'll be adding another piece next to this one soon, as there are so many cute ideas for this theme. Want to do one with as many of the cast as I can. But I'm babbling.
My submissions for the CG Secret Santa 07 event.... not very christmassy I'm afraid. It's for the comic DataChasers (18+)
I'm not REALLY sure why I did this fanart for Pair Like This. I think it was a combination of the story is a manga-isq comic to like DitLoaC, the colours where pwetty, she didn't have anything in her fanart section, so I felt sad, and I had an image pop into my head the moment I saw the character. I would've liked to make him blushing, but I couldn't get the colour right. Oh well.
Lightbringer has been one of those comics, that was always THERE when I joined CG. It was there the first day I sign-ed up, and it's been there everyday since then. It's kinda spooky in that sense. So to appease the Lightbringer gods, I drew a fan-art. If for no other reason then, because I could. Though I think I screwed up on some of the colours. Oops.
Kara of Geekblather asked me, as well as some fellow artists for artwork for her co-creator Quinn's birthday. Not to let such a wonderful thing as Quinn's birthday go pass without mocking it a bit, I came up with the short story above. I would recommend reading GeekBlather to get what few jokes there are in the short comic. Please enjoy!
Geek Blather kinda sucked me in. It's likely the colours, colours are pwetty. So for no other reason then I like the comic, I did a silly fan-art. But this was also a learning experience. I learned: I suck at drawing guys and need to work on drawing not only their faces, but their whole bodies. Why can't men and women have the same fun-curved filled bodies?!
Mary Quite Contrary Is one of the stories of which I've been reading since I started DitLoaC, so of course it was only a matter of time since I did a fan-art for it. So here's Mary McAlister being a little kid planning on jumping into a giant pile of leaves.
In tribute to May I Help You and it's creator L. Hall
Page for Starlit Destiny's 2 year anniversary.
A Chapter cover I did for Green Avenger. This picture taught me the importance of doubling layers and checking what layer you are working on before you touch brush to pixel.
Believe it or not, this comic based off of V.G. Cats was the very first comic I drew in mind for my own online comic series, since my original plan was to make it a gag-a-day series..... obviously that idea has since fallen by the wayside.
I don't actually read MegaTokyo, I know I know, bad Mineka. The archive is far to long for me to get through it with my dial-up. But I do read some of the manga TokyoPop releases (I do believe they're the one's handling it).
Comic Genesis 2006 Secret Santa event, my submission. I need to learn to either a. write names down, or b. not type when I've been staring at a computer screen for many hours. It does damage.
Misc. Art
FACE Doesn't Matter
If you are offended by cross-dressing and homosexuality (henceforth to be referred to as yaoi) do NOT read this comic.
This comic was done in 2002, as such the drawing, story telling, and backgrounds reflect my ability at the time. With that said, please enjoy and let me know what you think.
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RYAN the Gamer Superhero Issue One
Done in late '06, this was done as a present, since I was (as usual) broke at the time and couldn't afford anything. All the characters are based off of Ryan and his friends (my apologies to Nick for the way he's dressed. I just thought it would be amusing to pretend that I dressed you as such out of malice, when it was really just another gag in the story. Sorta akin to Jaytons bikini scene.) It was written for gamers, sadly not being one, the humour isn't very gamer-isq. But hey, at least it's in colour, right?
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RYAN the Gamer Superhero Issue Two
Phase two (and likely the last since I can't think up a third one), of the Ryan comics (this one was for his birthday). See how many refernces in this comic give away my age, hint: there's at least three!
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