A Timeline of My Work

5th grade into 6th. Majour influances, and really only, where Sailor Moon at this point, and that only the anime version. I didn't even know there was a manga at this point. From what I recall only one story was around at this time, and that was Black Angel Yitsana. Yep, that's right, it's the SAME Yitsana that's in DitLoaC..... except the one in DitLoaC got a MASSIVE makeover, as well as a different life. No other dimension mother, flying around the world, evil pirate twins, or villians that look oddly enough like Baby Spice and Lum. The story was all done on loose-leaf, and got to a ridiculous length. I remember I got as far as discovering her evil twin, before I got side tracked, in I believe 98 by Dragon Combs.

BAY pg 1

Random SM doodle
More BAY, Redone, looks like I did these in the late 90's


2000 or so

In these two, you can see I started mimicing Street fighter and Battle Angel

Bxs 1&4 then box 1
on pg 2 are all
mimiced from BAA vol 1.

Box 2, and the last.
BAA, and Street fighter.
Then I started over again, colouring in pencil.

Dragon Combs came about when I was bored in my Spanish class and was fiddling with my asian dragon bobby pins (cause back then I had long hair, which was usally tied up in a ponytail and with stuff shoved in to keep my hair flat. Tight ponytail. ANYWAY!). I started using white paper (no lines!) and... A RULER!.... though I wasn't actually measuring anything. Just using it as a straight edge. I got the idea for DC, two twins move to a new city, their mother buys them these dragon combs that once belonged to powerful witches who unbenownest to the rest of the world stopped an evil prince from another dimension from taking over. But of COURSE when Cathy and Lisa get the combs, shocker of shocker, prince comes back! It's sterotype shoujo, with evil dude falling for Lisa, a random guy who Cathy falls for, and a daughter from the future who comes back and sacrafices her own life so that her mother can be happy in the end. I said it was a shoujo.

DC Vol. 1 Cover

DC Random page (vol. 1)

1999-2003 I have absolutetly NO idea what happened, but after I finished season one of DC (there is a season two, but it's in my head, well all cept half of issue one.) My mind went haywire. I started coming up with so many idea's that I couldn't keep up.
Angelic Hunter
Black Angel
Bubblegum School
Experiment: 02
Forest of Reflection
From Mwezi to Jua
I'll Never Forget
Lost Child
Momo cho Gomo
Silver Eyes
Sings in Sicily
StarField Dreams
Sugar Plum
That Was Your Horoscope-A collection of 12 short love stories
Zip! Zang! Pop!
And there's one more, but I never got a title for it!
All of these have, for the most part very different story lines. But for the sake of a. Saving time, and b. keeping my ideas protected, I chose not to type out summaries for each one. But that doesn't mean I'll short change you on the pictures. There'll just be ALOT for this section. I hope I can remember when I drew what. Eep! During this time I really went crazy with trying to get my hands on any and every anime imaginable. So my style kind of yo-yo'd a bit. Not to much, but it's still discernable. Damn High School!

SiS cover

Prophecy char, Moki
Moki was an experiment. I hated those lines that kept appearing when I used markers on paper, but water colours where hard for me to control at that point. So I taped wax paper down, and drew on that. It actually came out pretty nice. Kept the marker ink from drying to fast, so it gave a nice effect. I wonder why I never do that anymore? Oh right, cause I now have a scanner, adobe, and never have any reason to buy wax paper!

I believe these where done in either 2001 or 2002

Random Forest page

pencil of Akumo

Random re-done DC page

Three pages of assorted doodles from the 2001-2002 school year. *hangs head* Maybe I should've tried paying attention to the teacher at some point?

All of these are taken out of my HS sketch book.

Sketh of a renfaire
outfit I have plans
to make.

02 from Experiment: 02

Cov sketch for Momo

Main char from Katana

A Fairie

Last sketch of
the original
DS priestess outfit.

Main char from Z!Z!P!

Random char
based off of a
Witches of Eileannan

Chars from INF.
I hate their hands.

Sketchbooks cov.

My HS self

2003-Present Day
After I got out of High School, I hit the working world, which dramatically hacked away at my creative abilities. I was far to tired to draw let alone try to work on new comics. So anything from this era (minus the stuff for this comic and varying fan-art for other comics) was all just doodles when I had time to do that. Which wasn't often. Lucky for me drawing is like riding a bike. Your hands remember what to do for the most part. So there's very little for this time frame. Just what's in my current sketch book. I think you'll recognize the people in the last picture, and only coloured one!

Well. Thank you for stopping by, and looking at the oldies but goodies (as I call them). If you've got any questions, I am a VERY chatty person, and love attention. So ask me anything you'd like. I'm all ears!

Main char
from the Libra
story in Horoscope.

with style.

These are the scans from my current sketchbook. Everything is relatively recent (from around February or so to present day)

Forest of Reflection

Experimenting again

more FoR

Yet more FoR

Result of boredom
on the train up to

Angelic Hunter
main char

Random char

Vol.1 Horoscope
cover idea.

Heh, you know
these two!

Current self

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