Character Bio's
Name: Litalra SmithBorn: 231 B.C. on the Northern European continent.
History: Litalra was born to a deamon with a human father. She never knew her mother, and her father passed on when she was twelve. She nearly escaped being lynched, and made her way south to warmer clime. Passing out due to extreme exhaustion, she fell into the care of Atum and his family. Due to her deamonic half, disaster soon fell upon the village. Her human half has since remained dormant, as the deamonic half enlisted into Hell's Army and proceeded to reign chaos through the ages.
Name: Yitsana MafaliaBorn: Oct. 15, 1987/Altoona PA
History: Yitsana has always been a happy individual, but an accident left her home bound for most of her adolescent life. Although she gained a standard education, her emotional development was severly limited with the lack of socializing. She descided to come to NYC for schooling, in the hopes that the fast paced city would help her to grow up.
Name: Mii-MiiBorn: 1986/Rockefeller University
History: One of the results of a hybrid experiment in blending animal DNA with humans. Mii-Mii is a happy individual to most, she puts up with the daily testing, on the grounds that when she graduates she will be allowed to live in the country alone. She is also Yitsana's student mentour, and first in the Mahou Shoujo Class at Manhatantown University.
Name: FokitsuBorn: 1986/Rockefeller University
History: One of the results of a hybrid experiment in blending animal DNA with humans. Fokitsu is generally a timid individual, and it takes a long time to earn her trust. She has a strange attachment to Mii-Mii, and generally follows her in everything she does. She is also in Manhattantown Universities Mahou Shoujo Class, and is ranked numer 41 out of 183.
Name: RyotenBorn: N/A
History: Ryoten is an angel, on the cusp of becoming an Arch Angel. In his last human existance, he was a knight, but could most accuratly be described as a paladin. He has one brother, and his parents died of a plague that ravaged the land when he was a young boy. Both he and his brother escaped when a regiment came through killing all those who carried the disease. He has not seen his brother since he died.
Name: Lucy/Satan/The DevilBorn: N/A
History: The Devils history can be interrupted in different ways. In the DitLoaC world, Lucy was cast out of Heaven when she tried to claim the same kind of power as God. Shortly after her exile she gave birth to her son, and began to form her league of generals, and her army in hopes of one day getting back at God and destroying Heaven for unjustly exhiling her.
Name: Ba'alBorn: N/A
History: Born to Satan, the son of Satan holds much less responsibility then that of his mother, or the generals. Pampered in everyway, Ba'al is the only deamon in all of hell (his mother being a fallen angel) that can sustain constant contact with an angel. He also has spent most of his time playing with fire. The Roman fire in 64 AD, 1666 Great Fire of London, the burning of the Globe theatre, and most recently, the 1930 Ohio State Penitentiary Fire.
Name: Sarah MurshemBorn: 1491/Russia
History: Sarah is one of the oldest vampires still alive today. Bitten at the age of fourteen by a cousin, she has lurked in the shadows of humanity, choosing to make her homes in the busiest cities of the time. Disguising herself at first as a messanger for a bed ridden scholar. She has studied history, and prophecies, and seeks to fulfill the one prophecy that will return the souls of all vampires who wish it, from the grasp of the Devil.
Name: Meriden LeBoucheBorn: 1747/France
History: Bit as a victim, Meriden managed to slay her attacker, but only to late she was one of the un-dead. She was taken in by Sarah 60 years later, and plays the role of informant and footpad. She holds resentment against Sarah not only because she still see's her as a child, but also because she seems content with her lot, while she struggels with her immortality.
Name: JimboBorn: N/A
History: A resident of Jamaica, he made the mistake of angering a VooDoo priestess. His shrunken head had his soul imprisoned in it, and after making the circuit of haunted shops, was picked up by a bemused deamon that purchased him, and hung him near the Darker Broom Closets counter, as something to help kill the boredom at the shop. Jimbo has a seemingly happy attitude, but in a shadowy past one never really knows what's going on.
Name: Kenji AsudaBorn: 17 B.C./Near Alexandria Egypt
History: Son of Atum, Kenji was originally born Sekani. We was cursed with immortality in the year 7 AD, he took to wandering, as circumstances made it impossible to stay in his village. During his trip, he was a servant in Versailles, a Slave on a southern plantation, fought in the Civil War, and fought against the Nazi's in World War II. Present day he is settled in Japan and is a historical fantasy writer for a company with international ties.

*Just because it says cosplay in the title, does not mean there is any actual cosplaying in this comic..... you are forewarned
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